Celestial bodies

Audio-visual installation “Heavenly Bodies”.

On the one hand, landfills seem to be great works of the collective unconscious. Their scale is hypnotic and fascinating. On the other hand, tons of rubbish are eating away at the body of the earth. Like cancerous tumors. They make you want to get rid of them. My great-grandmother was a healer, and cured diseases with incantations healed people’s bodies. Can a planet, a celestial body, be cured in the same way? Perhaps I just need a “cosmic scale” incantation to do so? What if I send all this sickness to the center of our galaxy, the Sagittarius A black hole? 

Supported by the Pro Arte Foundation and CYLAND Media Lab @cyland.lab (cyland.org/lab/ru/about/). Engineer — Alexey Grachev, sound — Anton Shchegolev www.instagram.com/dumb_gum/, visualisation — Alexander Bochkov www.instagram.com/narmalna/


An implementation of the project: The video was projected on the floor in a dark room at a large size (commensurate with a person’s height). The sound was four-channeled and led the viewer in a circle.