Публичных обсуждений конституционных изменений не было — захотелось их сымитировать. Я предложила разным людям внести свои поправки, поработав с одним из разворотов Конституции. Кто-то корректировал текст, приводя его в соответствие с реальностью. Кто-то выдвигал лозунги. Кто-то зашифровывал стихи, связывал нитями главные мысли или рисовал. Никто не был ограничен в способе высказаться. Можно было всё — в рамках закона (того самого). И все же большинство участников захотели остаться анонимными, не веря в свободу слова и опасаясь преследований даже за самые невинные высказывания.

Я указала только профессии. По случайному совпадению среди участников, как и в рабочей группе, вносившей реальные поправки, тоже обнаружилось несколько юристов. Без имен, возраста и пола получилось обезличенно. Но это очень подходит ситуации. Ощущение, что государство давно перестало видеть в нас людей, только функции. Одни — более, другие — менее востребованные. Какие-то и вовсе ненужные. Мнения не важны. Голосование кажется иллюзией, а не волеизъявлением. Это как выбирать между «плохим» и «очень плохим». Неужели нет других вариантов?


What is happening seems terrible to me. I’m so scared that it’s even funny. When it seems that more obscurantism can no longer be invented, we break through another bottom.

Visual editor 

These words are highlighted because they are decisive in my life. And, it seems to me, for the life of us all. It would be great if the government supported everything that was broadcast by the Constitution, but alas.

Literature teacher

If you read the Constitution of 1993, it is clear that in theory, it is a good democratic document. But, unfortunately, many laws from there are not implemented in practice. It seems to me that it would be wise to direct forces to eliminate this contradiction, and not to create new, much less democratic amendments.

Artist, activist

From the combination of mythopoetic (forget-me-nots associated with nostalgic, childish, innocent) and hyperreal (extracts from the Constitution) «fairy tales of this country» are born, beautiful and tender. But it's just fairy tales. This is a herbarium of faith in justice and law. Where there is a piece about the family, a request to fill in the blanks with feminine nouns is placed. You promote family values, but what is behind it? Domestic violence, depreciation of women? The word family becomes an abstract construct.


It is the right of everyone to choose the vector of our society’s movement, I am for certain amendments, but against their adoption in batches.


This image came as a vision. I feel so. It seems to me that these soldiers are just people who want to change something.

Software tester 

In general, everything that happens in politics can be assessed as absurd. And now: it seems that we have lived with the current Constitution for so many years and «suddenly» it had to be changed. This slogan implies an even greater gap between ordinary people and the politicians who started all this.


My goal was to protest the lies that are enveloping the existing regime. The collage is executed in a style close to Suprematism, which expressed, among other things, a protest against the foundations of its time, the impossibility of further existence in the old order.


In the theory of law, there is a classification of forms of government. In particular, the presidential and super-presidential republics are distinguished. In Russia, now is something in between. Amendments to the Constitution significantly expand the control of the President over all branches of government. Moreover, a system of checks and balances, in which each branch of government has sufficient authority to control the other, is the basis of a democratic system. Russia is moving away from this more and more. By the way, such states as Angola, Mozambique, and the Republic of Congo are classified as super-presidential republics.


This is an attempt to influence the «letter of the law» with the magic of Russian conceptualism. Dmitry Alexandrovich Prigov worked with bureaucratic languages, recoding system rules. Therefore, it is with the help of its text that I use such a «hacker» editing method when it seems there is no way to influence the system in other ways.

Teacher, linguist 

I want to have the right to vote, the right to choose, the right to be for or against. I want my voice to mean something and be taken into account. It is clear that initially, this whole event was a big show with him in the title role. To participate or not to participate in this show is not clear. But I have a voice, and I want to be heard (or seen), while falsifying. 


Various interested sides may try to rule the Constitution in their own interests as much as they like, but in its very spirit, the idea of freedom and equal rights for all people is embedded in the text and run through in the red thread. Therefore, I take this red thread and remind everyone about it: «Freedom and equal rights for all».


On the left is a topic that has not been discussed or reflected in the Constitution. In general, very significant changes are being introduced that will dramatically affect socio-political life. In essence, a new Constitution is proposed.


With my spread, I wanted to transfer the amendments to the Constitution to the territory of the personal. Because it is an invasion of life, illegitimate and violent.


On the right, I drew a pioneer. Grandmother said that the pioneers helped those who needed help. On the left is life. Well, just life. You ask what is important, right?